I’m Going To Write A Game Boy Game

I’ve been scratching around for a new hobby and made a decision:

By Christmas this year I will write a Game Boy game capable of running on the original Nintendo hardware.

There are multiple reasons why, which I won’t bother going in to now, but as the original “grey brick” Game Boy turned 30 this Easter weekend it felt like an appropriate aspiration.

So I’m going to attempt the following:

  • The game should be reasonably polished – that means playable, has a title screen, some music etc.
  • I’m going to go for a C-based workflow. Starting with assembly will be a bit much for my level, and the newly released (and awesome looking) gbstudio.dev relies on me having a great idea for a JRPG, plus I want to try some reasonably heavy coding.
  • I will keep a brief diary of my progress as I go, which is what this thing is.
  • If I succeed in doing this, I will buy myself a fancy flashable cartridge and play it on our original childhood Game Boy (initially owned by my brother, now in the possession of my sister).

I’ll cross-post a few things to twitter. If you know anything (or anyone who knows anything) about these kinds of things then do reach out – or just cheer me along!

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