This music stuff is tricky

Back after a break (busy time at work). I figured that basic graphics and stuff was going pretty well so I’d do a quick music test. Turns out it’s a steep on-boarding.

So far I have figured out three options:

  1. Make awesome music with something like LSDJ. This is geared towards making awesome music, but eats all the Game Boy resources and definitely not the thing to do if you want to use the music as backing for a game. Strike that one then.
  2. Make music using a lighter Game Boy tracker like Carillon and use some provided in-game playback functions. Unfortunately GBDK wasn’t an original consideration by the author but someone else has made tooling for that. Anecdotally this route seems popular.
  3. Use MOD2GBT – a way to write music on a PC based tracker then convert for use on Game Boy. GBDK support is, however, discontinued and only exists in legacy format.

I had a play for an hour and managed to do two things:

  1. Made some fun music using Carillon but totally failed to get it to work with GBDK.
  2. Figured out how to use MOD2GBT to convert music, but failed to actually make any with OpenMPT.

I’m not sure what my preferred workflow is and therefore which to persevere with. I really enjoyed using Carillon (in an emulator for now) to make music. I’m also no stranger to trackers having grown up messing around with ScreamTracker3 and Fast Tracker II (long live Lizardking) so I could probably work out OpenMPT if I give it more than 10 minutes. The thing with evening projects is that I get pretty tired pretty quickly.

I’ll probably give that Carillon->GBDK workflow another try.

Time Spent: 1.5hr

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